Quickstart Guide

Here are some hints to help you get started:

At present there are 10 missions in the game and more will be added soon.
The first two missions are scripted tutorials to learn the basic interface. You can skip them and go directly to mission 3.
Missions 4 and higher are available after successfully completing their respective predecessors.
The last mission is a free flight mode for practicing aerobatics or just flying around with no enemies.

Make sure both devices are on the same WiFi router or hotspot.
From the main menu select the mission number and a helicopter.
On Device 1 click "WiFi”, then "Host Game" followed by "Auto”.
Select whether you want to play in the Pilot or Gunner seat.
On Device 2 click "WiFi" and "Join Game" followed by "Auto".
The host (Device 1) decides which helo, mission and cockpit seat.
If connected a green light will show on both devices.
If the top light stays red, hit 'Reset | Disconnect" on both devices and try again starting at (a) above
To select a different helicopter (only the host can) or make changes in the settings, hit "Main Menu" and go from there. When finished return to the Main Menu and select "Back to WiFi Game" to return to the Networked Game Screen. All this can be done without disconnecting.
The host can start the game once Device 2 switches from "Not Ready" to "Ready". The other light will then also turn green.

If networking doesn’t want to connect, close the app on each device. Then restart the apps and try again.

As a last resort, try connecting by choosing “Manual” in step (c). Each devices will show its own IP address on the LAN network, which must then be typed into the other device. It shouldn’t be necessary to change the Port, nevertheless the port numbers must match.