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The only WiFi Cockpit-Sharing Combat Helicopter Game for Mobile has arrived!

Co-Pilot a Combat Helicopter
The desert sun glares on the tanks and hummers rolling out of the forward operating base as the helicopter engines whine up. All system checks passed. The rotors are kicking up a dust cloud when the colonel’s voice cracks over the radio with orders. A nearby town is under siege. Support the ground assault to eliminate all enemies and regain control of the region. Protect the friendly vehicles at all cost. It will be a race against time, as more lethal enemies are expected to arrive very shortly. The pilot’s rockets and the gunner’s 20mm cannon and laser guided missiles will have to find many targets today.

TeamThunder is about piloting a helicopter gunship against enemy combatants that include vehicles with machine guns as well as tanks in campaign story missions on a large map. Play alone or fly with a friend as pilot and gunner in the same helicopter by using two devices over a local WiFi connection. The pilot shoots unguided rockets and has access to full collective, cyclic and anti-torque controls. The gunner controls a gyro-stabilized camera with FLIR (Forward Looking Infra Red) capability to acquire, mark, select and shoot enemies with either a 20mm cannon or laser guided missiles. The helicopter uses realistic flight physics and features instant hover by pushing a button. The player can choose between a novice and expert flight mode. Expert mode allows aerobatics such as barrel rolls and loops, while novice mode makes it more difficult to crash the helicopter. Two tutorial missions are are also included, and a full game manual is available at

TeamThunder is the only WiFi co-op cockpit-sharing helicopter gunship simulator for smartphones and tablets. Fly solo or team up with a buddy as pilot & gunner in the intense combat helicopter action. Use your gunner FLIR night vision with laser guided missiles, unguided rockets and 20mm machine gun to defeat AI enemies in a war campaign.


  • 1-2 Players - Cooperative play and single player. Pilot & gunner cockpit sharing with 2 mobile devices over Wi-Fi
  • Cockpit view, target acquisition views, FLIR (forward-looking infra-red) night vision and 3rd person views
  • Novice and Expert flight modes. Realistic flight dynamics. Perform aerobatic maneuvers such as loops & rolls
  • Fully customizable touch and tilt controls for cyclic, collective/throttle & anti-torque
  • Selection of combat helicopters to fly with
  • Fictional story campaign with large mission areas.
  • Includes 2 Tutorial Missions and a Free Flight mode.
  • Cooperative play over WiFi requires the full game to be installed on two iOS or two Android compatible devices with up-to-date software. Some devices may not support this feature.
  • An internet connection is not required to play the game solo or in co-op mode.

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KuduQ is passionate about bringing people together by developing immersive experiences focusing on armchair cooperative play. Enjoy a game or two with a friend over a glass of wine, in the waiting room, with the kids before a bedtime story or engage in helicopter action elsewhere. KuduQ is located in Virginia, USA.



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