How to use the smart missiles:

The gunship has sophisticated image recognition and processing power built into it that is also linked via satellites to intelligence centers at HQ.

The missiles depend on laser designation to hit targets with great accuracy over long distances. In order to use a missile, the laser must be on target for the duration of the missile’s flight.

A missiles will fly upwards, and then accelerate until it is almost directly above a target before it steers directly at the target. This way an enemy cannot hide behind a building, for example.

When a threat is detected, a red diamond wil appear over it. This means a target has been detected, but hasn’t been selected for laser designation yet. Numerous targets can be detected simultaneously, but only one target can be selected at any time.

To select the next target, press the target select button at the bottom-left of the screen. Keep pressing this button until you have selected the target that you wishto hit with a missile.

Once the desired target is selected, tap the missile button. The missile will launch and steer itself to the target as long as the target remains selected and in view on the gunner FLIR viewer.

There will be a brief waiting period before the next missile is ready to fire. This wait is due to the missile’s computer turning on and booting up.