Thank you for purchasing the Team Thunder Helicopter Gunship Simulator.

Team Thunder was developed by only one person and it took more than 3 years to complete, involving almost 8,000 hours of development time and several thousands lines of code. For this to be possible while maintaining a full-time job means getting up before 5am and going to bed after midnight almost every day. I say ‘almost, because on some days it meant getting up before 4am or heading for bed after 1am.

The game was developed with great passion. Following the app review process the age rating for the game is 10-13+ for mild/infrequent occurrences of violence. I designed it so there are no soldiers running around and you will not see any blood. Teenage boys love to fly around and blow up the little tanks and pickup trucks. To my surprise, I discovered that girls also love the game.

Team Thunder really shines when playing on two devices over WiFi, and my hope is that you will find thorough enjoyment playing the game whenever you want to kill some time sucn as in the dentist waiting room, but moreso playing the missions coop with someone else.

This game is designed to work over WiFi on a local-area-network (LAN) and internet access isn’t required as long as the two devices are on the same LAN. The networking has been designed to connect automatically. (Alternatively, one would have to type in IP addresses manually, or connect to a server.)

More missions, helicopters and features will be added in the future for free and there are a few very exciting surprises in the development pipeline that you will love.

Thank you again for playing this game.

Have fun flying, Ace.