FLIR Nightvision - Normal - B&W

From here you can:

Switch cameras or seat
Exit the game
Switch the FLIR (Forward Looking Infra Red) viewer mode
Zoom the camera in or out
Select a target for the smart missiles
Center the machine gun
Aim the machine gun
Shoot the machine gun
Fire rockets

To zoom in or out, press the Zoom button at the top-right of the screen

To change the FLIR display mode, press the FLIR Mode button next to the zoom button.

How to aim and fire the machine gun:

Tap anywhere on the camera viewer to move the gun in that direction. The gun camera has gyro stabilization built into it, so that the camera will attempt to hold it’s aim regardless of the helicopter movement as long as the direction is not too far out of the camera/gun’s reachable angles.

One can also drag a finger on the camera viewer to move the gun. The gun will move slowly if the finger is near the center of the screen and it will move faster the further finger placement is from center.

The camera is able to aim faster than the gun itself. A green circle indicates the current direction of the gun. When the large crosshair and the green indicator lign up, gun fire should hit close to the center of the crosshair.

Tap the machine gun fire button to shoot. You will hear the machine gun rattling off.

To reset the machine gun’s aim to look center-forward, tap the machine gun direction indicator at the bottom-center of the screen.

Gunner 3rd Person View

By pressing the camera button, the gunner switches between FLIR and a 3rd person view of the helicopter.

On this screen, the gunner has no abilities.