Helicopter Gunship Simulator

Fly a gunship attack helicopter in campaign missions either by yourself or play with a friend together in the same helicopter as pilot & gunner using two devices over WiFi LAN (Local Area Network)


  • No ads
  • 1-2 Players - Cooperative play and single player
  • Pilot & gunner cockpit sharing with 2 mobile devices over Wi-Fi
  • Realistic flight dynamics
  • Perform aerobatic maneuvers such as loops & rolls
  • Fully customizable touch and tilt controls for collective/throttle, cyclic, and anti-torque
  • Selection of combat helicopters to fly with
  • Large sandbox campaign mission areas
  • Pilot fires rockets
  • Gunner has FLIR (Forward-Looking Infra-Red) nightvision
  • Gunner can use Machine Gun and Smart Missiles along with Target Acquisition and Selection
  • Gyro-stabilized machine gun with persistent aiming
  • Novice and Expert flight modes
  • Includes 2 Tutorial Missions
  • 10 missions and many more missions to come
  • New helicopters to come
  • New missions are being added frequently
  • New missions, helicopters and features are free.

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